ABOMA Collective Bargaining Agreements

Who We Are

ABOMA, the Apartment Building Owners and Managers Association, Represents Over 600 High-Rise and Walkup Residential Buildings Located in the Chicago Area. 

Approximately 60% are Condominium or Cooperative in Nature and 40% are Rental Buildings

Member Benefits

ABOMA provides:  Labor agreements, employee training, seminars, events, legislative representation, to name just a few.


Networking Opportunities with:

ABOMA supplier members, owners, building managers, management supervisors, condominium boards, management companies

Member Management Tools

We offer condominium lease forms, safety DVD's; doormen, janitorial & parking garage employee labor agreements; key issues in hiring, disciplining and terminating, up to date information on legislation affecting the industry, and much more . . .

Labor Agreements

ABOMA engages in collective bargaining on behalf of member buildings which have designated the Association as its bargaining representative

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Collective Bargaining Agreements

ABOMA Collective Bargaining Agreements

ABOMA negotiates and administers collective bargaining agreements (CBA) on behalf of ABOMA Members. The Unions we negotiate with are Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1 and the Teamsters Union Local 727.

With SEIU Local 1 individual CBA’s negotiated and administered cover High-Rise Building Janitorial Employees employed by the individual building member (the employer), Walk Up Building Janitorial Employees employed by the individual building member (the employer) and Door Staff Employees employed by the individual building member (the employer). In total ABOMA has 3 separated CBA’s with SEIU Local 1.

With Teamsters Local 727 ABOMA negotiates and administers 1 CBA covering Garage Employees employed by the individual building member (the employer) in High-Rise Buildings.

ABOMA Member Buildings are not automatically included in the negotiations or the completed CBA. In order to be included each member building must complete and file with ABOMA a labor authorization form. These forms are issued by ABOMA before commence of the negotiations. In the case of new members they are issued upon ABOMA approval of the Membership application.

It is important to note that non-member buildings and those Members who do not complete and file the ABOMA Labor Authorization Form will not be covered by the ABOMA CBA and will have to negotiate alone and by themselves with the Union. All ABOMA CBA’s include a “favored employer” clause which precludes non ABOMA Members from receiving better economic terms with out the Union extending the terms to all ABOMA Members coved by the CBA.

The ABOMA Negotiations Committee is appointed by the ABOMA Board of Directors and serve without compensation.

ABOMA encourages and welcomes suggestions from Members on items they wish to have the Negotiations Committee consider. Members can advise the Committee as to their suggestions by email to: Christine Friend - ABOMAsecretary@gmail.com


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